Cummins Stehn Information

Gerry Cummins is a master glass painter whose original designs incorporate uniquely Australian imagery. After discussion with his clients, he researches each theme and and subject matter before creating window designs that beautifully combine concepts and images with functionality.

Before any stained glass can be made for a building, a suitable frame must be in place. In a stone building, the stonemasons would have made a groove in the stone into which the window is installed and weather sealed. Frames of timber, steel or aluminium are also suitable, and have usually been made to safely hold the weight and size of the window, which can be substantially heavier and slightly thicker than one pane of glass.

If the panel is likely to be effected by weather or vandalism, it will be necessary to consider some sort of protection on the outside of the panels. Gerry and Jill have a vast knowledge of different glazing requirements and will advise their clients which protection is most suitable for their windows.