Cummins Stehn in Studio

Gerry Cummins and Jill Stehn are very experienced restorers of Australia’s priceless culturally and historically significant national and international heritage of stained glass windows.

They undertake the full restoration process using international standards and guidelines, from on-site inspection to heritage approved condition reports or surveys, removal, in-studio restoration using best practices and documentation, through to reinstallation and protection using Australian Standards glazing requirements.

“If a person wishes to buy a Rembrandt but cannot tell the difference between the original and a forgery, then the buyer must expect to find themselves courted by every shade of opportunist. So it is with stained glass conservation and restoration …

Our thirty years experience in stained glass conservation and restoration has led us to conclude that custodians of stained glass windows seek, and find, their own level of expertise or credulity. Regrettably this applies irrespective of the quality and importance of the stained glass window they have in their care ... ”

These two quotes by Gerry Cummins and Jill Stehn demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to stained glass restoration.

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